Altar has been created as a sacred and safe environment for the creative expression of ourselves through tattooing, the healing and grounding of our energies through Reiki and the expansion of our consciousness through meditation. It is a sacred space supporting our spiritual and creative well being with the intention of providing tools to generate expanded consciousness and inner peace.

The interconnectivity of tattooing and Reiki is apparent as both can promote a shift in ones energy towards higher truth. Both practices embrace the sacred role of shaman or healer in their highest form. Each individual is equipped and able to manifest ones heart’s desires, knowing you have all you need within. As a space, Altar promotes growth, healing and transformation and seeks only to offer assistance on the path towards light.



April Cornell: Tattoo Artist


April is an accomplished and visionary tattoo artist. She began tattooing in 2009 under the guidance of her husband Jeff Cornell at their shop Hidden Hand Tattoo in Seattle, WA.

April specializes in precision graphic designs, sacred geometry, custom mandalas, and mhendi inspired illustrations. April also enjoys tattooing flora, fauna, spiritual and alchemical designs.

April also commits to a practice of meditation and spiritual learning. In 2014 April began studying Reiki. She currently studies under her Mentor Daisy Thompson in the Advanced Energy Intuition Program. She is a Reiki Master and has her teacher training certification.

In her new home at Altar, April is expanding her services to encompass both Tattooing and Reiki and also offers Reiki as an auxiliary to her tattooing to create a more expansive experience for her clients.

Lia Thomas: Reiki Master

Lia has been practicing energy healing since 2013. Gaining, exploring, and sharing wisdom to enhance the full spectrum of life is her true passion. Lia believes that when you give yourself space to listen, you will sense guidance calling you to your highest good. 

Since January 2016 Lia has been continuing her studies with the Advanced Energy Intuition program led by Daisy Thompson.  Lia is a Reiki Master, Red Tent Facilitator, and keeper of the Rite of the Womb. She continues learning from books, practice, and classes in order to maintain as many tools for healing as possible.

Lia loves helping facilitate a deeper connection to your higher self and sense of peace by using Reiki and other forms of energy healing. With Red Tents (aka Moon Circles) she supports women in finding deeper connections to their emotional bodies, astrology, as well as to each other. 

Healing is a process that looks and means something different for everyone. Sometimes we need to recognize our limitations, other times we need help seeing our greatest and true potential. Oftentimes, it is important to see and recognize both. Healing sessions with Lia are perfect for relaxation, finding balance and catching up with your higher self.