If you’ve been following me on social media, getting tattooed or receiving reiki from me, talking to me on the phone, in a coffee shop, or generally being in my presence, you know I am obsessed with essential oils. This is not just an obsession; it has been a life changing experience. I’m mind-blown by essential oils. I’m head over heals in a love affair with essential oils and I don’t know where she’s been all my life! You might be wondering where we met and about her personality. It’s a little complicated but I’m excited to share, just as I am equally excited to share her with you!

    It was a dreary Seattle afternoon and I was lamenting with a mentor about anxiety and depression, outbursts from my youngest and an over all tidal wave of emotions that seemed to be absorbing our days at home and bringing everyone in my family down. Her advice - you need to get Frankincense. Who is this Frank and where do I find him?! I want him now

    I immediately went to a local health food store where I thought Frank might be hanging out and sure enough, there he was. I was instructed to rub Frank all over my body with a lotion lubricant to assure safety. You might be wondering if we are still talking about essential oils and yes, we are and wait, it gets better! 

     I’m all into Frank and I start to get curious about what he’s all about. I begin to read the labeling to find out to my surprise, Frank is potentially very dangerous and I should use him with caution. What in the what? We were just getting along and he had me so excited, although he smelled weird and I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep him around. I was certain there was a legit Frank out there and I was determined to find him! 

    As I went down a rabbit hole of essential oil madness online I became even more confused by this impossibly illusive Frank and his mistresses. Every mommy blogger out there writing about essential oils was battling it out online, pointing fingers and creating major confusion. Do this, don’t to that, definitely never ever do this and you should never listen to them! This online research kept me up until 3-4 am - I’m not kidding - for two weeks straight. At one point in my adolescence I wanted to be a detective. I was using all of my secret spy skills to get to the bottom of who this Frank really is, but this was turning into a part time job. Eventually, it wore me down and I decided to do the unthinkable! I was going to ask someone for help. 

     Who do I know who knows something about essential oils? Immediately, I thought of my friend Julie! Julie is amazing! Julie is someone I’ve respected in business for years. She’s powerful, successful and she smells incredible. She owns, Olivine Atelier and I can’t get enough of her products made with, you guessed it, essential oils. Surely, she can help me! After speaking with Julie, she was excited to hear that I wanted to learn more and encouraged me to come to a class she was hosting with another essential oil goddess, Kim Camuso. 

    I left class with Frank’s wild friend, Orange. I could not stop inhaling Wild Orange, as I call her. She was my first mind-blowing experience. Every person who came into Altar (my studio), I would share her with and they too thought orange was wild. They all wanted her and wanted to know how to get a Wild Orange of their own. 


    I decided dōTERRA was in alignment with all of my relationship needs - values, morals, ethics and the highest quality essential oils. Not only were they empowering their customers all over the world, they were empowering farmers, distillers, harvesters and communities in 46 different countries! 23 of these countries are under-developed nations where dōTERRA works side by side with the entire farming community, offering Fair Trade Pricing, ensuring Organic production and sustainable jobs with fair wages for local workers. dōTERRA’s non profit, Healing Hands Foundation, assesses what communities are most in need of to thrive, looking at everything from clean drinking water to building schools! Healing Hands helps provide all the tools these communities need to be self-reliant. I was in Awe! Because essential oils are not FDA approved, it was very important to me that there was some sort of testing going on to assure I was getting a 100% Pure Essential Oil and it was also very important to me that this testing be done by a third party, not just in house. From my understanding, since essential oils are not regulated, any company can label their oil 100% pure essential oil and it can be FULL of synthetics, fillers, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic materials. This is the equivalent of using an air freshener and expecting a therapeutic affect. Not going to happen and gross! It is extremely important to purchase your oils from a reputable company that is doing third party testing and sure enough, dōTERRA was right there for me and had my back. This time, when I brought another Frankincense home, I knew it would be safe for me to apply topically and ingest for it’s incredible healing affects for not only me, but my children, as well. 

    Check out Instead of mass producing oils on large plots of lands, dōTERRA sources their oils globally to ensure the best growing conditions, working with committed partners. Working with farmers from across the globe, not only ensures the highest potency of oil but dōTERRA places great value on the expert knowledge of local farmers. Many of these farmers have nurtured their land and essential oil plants for generations. Every dōTERRA bottle has a batch number at the bottom. Type this baby in and you can find everything out about your heaven in a bottle of essential oil made with love from the global community of dōTERRA. 

    I decided to get my own account with dōTERRA, which was so easy and very much like a Costco membership. I chose the Home Essentials Kit, which has 15 mL bottles of the Top 10 oils plus a super cute petal diffuser. Since I ordered a kit, there was no registration fee, which is normally $35. I immediately started receiving wholesale pricing with no obligation to order or hidden fees. After my weeks of research I was sure this was something that was going to transform my health and home for not only myself but my family, as well. I also decided to join their Loyalty Rewards Program where I started receiving points back on everything that I purchased that was to the dollar amount of my essential oils. Now that I have been using dōTERRA for a while, I regularly place orders where I receive hundreds of dollars back in free essential oils, they even send me a free oil every month. It’s incredible! I have found dōTERRA to be such a generous company and have been blown away, literally, by the product, the effect of plant medicines and even their customer service is the best I’ve experienced. 

    I was so excited for my kit to arrive and it felt like Christmas when it did.  I finally got to experience Frank the ‘King of Oils’ and his friends Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint. There was a whole posse of them and they were my Top 10. These oils are the real deal and immediately I could feel and see changes in my family and myself - even my dog! To say that these oils have changed our lives is an understatement. Actually, that’s a pretty big statement... they have changed our lives! Even my husband is a believer! Insert gold star, pat on back, wife moment here. 

    Soon after I started using the oils, I was curing my family of seasonal illness, providing emotional support, curing skin issues, uplifting moods and providing boosts of energy, curbing my coffee and sugar cravings... I truly could go on and on. My good friend Oregano and Rose cured my dog with an issue that has lead us to the vet in the past and would require surgery. In 3 days of using Mr. Oregano and Mrs. Rose he was fine and months later, no issues. 


    I was reading how I could also use these oils as a natural solution in cleaning my home! What?! After whipping up a few natural cleaning products, I was surprised to find that Lemon could make noise! She makes a high-pitched squeaking noise while I clean with her. I was totally in disbelief. I didn’t know where this squeaky clean term came from before, it had been Lemon oil all along and my floors never looked cleaner! Squeak away Lemon, squeak away. 

    I started wondering about the ‘natural’ and so called ‘green’ products I had in my home and the ones that weren’t so natural, like my expensive skin and hair care in the fancy bottles. My private detective skills where back in action and I began to look at every bottle in my home. What I found was disturbing.                                                                                      

    Chemicals, mystery ingredients and to my surprise the word “fragrance” could mean hundreds of chemicals and “fragrance free” didn’t mean squat. It could mean replaced with synthetic materials. This is disgusting. In fact, laundry detergents often don’t have to list their full ingredients and dryer sheets? - Forget about it! ...Google it!

     Did you know, or do you stop to think about the fact that your body can’t break down synthetic materials? We are ingesting and applying these toxins to our skin and children’s skin throughout the day. Just like these other essential oil companies out there that claim to be 100% essential oil, it could and - in my opinion, from my research - is most likely full of synthetic materials and unknown fillers. Just like natural food doesn’t mean organic or GMO free. Point being, do your research and check your labels. Sometimes that designer bottle that makes you feel good and is in your daily habit of purchasing could be wreaking havoc on your health and the health of your littles. Check out EWG ratings and Think Dirty online for product information on what could be lurking in the products you have at home. 


    It wasn’t long before I had others in my life who wanted to experience the oils for themselves. The more I used the oils and stared seeing immediate results in my household, the more I was sharing. I could not stop talking and still can’t stop talking about dōTERRA’s essential oils. They are revolutionary in changing health care and the wellness routine and care for yourself and family. 

    I soon became a Wellness Advocate to help empower others to change their lives with natural solutions and to create a community to uplift, support and educate each other. It has been life changing on every level. I don’t know how I lived without these oils before and I only wish I knew about them sooner. 

    I continue to help others register for their own accounts and I empower my oil community online and in private groups. I hold regular classes and I am extremely proud to be a part of the movement that is dōTERRA. In fact, last year they broke ground on their first medical clinic. Hospitals across the country, including dentists and veterinary offices, are incorporating dōTERRA’s essential oils with amazing success. It is truly revolutionary and I want to help share that empowerment with you! 

    People often ask me what my daily oil routine looks like and here it is!

  • When my alarm goes off, I immediately grab my Peppermint oil, which is actually sourced from WA state. PNW life! Inhaling peppermint oil first thing in the morning helps me to wake up and get moving, gone are the days of hitting snooze... well mostly. ;) 
  • After I am up and moving, I brush my teeth with the most incredible toothpaste on the planet dōTERRA’s OnGuard! An actual natural toothpaste that tastes great and doesn’t leave me feeling like my mouth isn’t clean. Game changer! 
  • I set up my diffusers for my morning meditation with some citrus oils to help perk up the household and I generally grab Clary Sage and my BFF Frank to inhale and apply topically before meditation. 
  • I take the dōTERRA supplement line, their best-selling product, which has my gut health back in check and provides me tons of energy. Try these supplements out for a month and see how you feel. They have a 30 day money back guarantee! Seriously, you won’t regret it!
  • I use the Essential skin care and HD Clear line with amazing results. Plus I add a drop or two of Frank to my lotion for added anti-aging benefits. Never has my skin looked so good!
  • The kids and I use dōTERRA’s hair care, as well. All full of essential oils, it helps protect my hair from the coloring and damage that I do, keeping it strong and healthy. I also love this hair care line for the soothing scalp benefits the essential oils provide, providing a flake free result. An added few drops of Magic Melaleuca is a must in any Shampoo and Conditioner for scalp health. 
  • I drop 2 drops of Frankincense and Copaiba under my tongue 2x a day. Outstanding benefits come from this and I encourage everyone to do the Frank/Copaiba 30 day challenge.
  •  Off to work I go to set up my diffusers for my clients and myself. 
  • Depending on who I have coming in, I’ll diffuse a grounding blend, an inspiring blend or a blend to calm one’s nerves. If I have a client who is under the weather, I diffuse OnGuard to save the day! 
  • I am non-stop using oils in my car, applying roller balls on my skin for motivation, anxiety, inspiration, grounding, uplifting, you name it!... I could go on and on. 
  • I use the Metabolic Blend in my water to subdue sugar cravings. I’ll also use Lemon first thing in the morning and usually some Wild Orange in the day. 
  • I cook with the oils, which is so much fun to experiment with. Since Essential Oils are pure and highly concentrated extracts from plants; 50-70% more powerful than herbs, 1 drop of essential oil like, Mr. Hot Oregano, will take your pasta sauce to the next level! Your guests will be amazed!
  •  I love the whole OnGuard line of laundry detergent, cleaning concentrate and hand soap. Completely free of toxins, chemicals and mystery ingredients. These products are affordable, safe and since they are concentrated, last me forever! 
  • I load up our diffusers at night with a sleep blend for the kids and myself. Usually a blend of Vetiver, Cedarwood, Balance or Serenity. If we are not feeling well, I’ll put in some OnGuard and Oregano. 
  • I’ll use OnGuard beadlets and hand sanitizing spray when in large crowds or traveling to protect my immunity. 
  • I also regularly make oils to share with others to help support my friends and their families’ needs and even for strangers! You got what!? ...There’s an oil for that!

     I mean, it is seriously a lifestyle and it is so much fun! Plus, you and your home will smell amazing and everyone will be talking about it. 

    The most important thing when using essential oils is to use your essential oils. They have an immediate affect on your system and it is profound! 

Photo Credit: Kim Camuso 

Photo Credit: Kim Camuso 

You may be wondering by now, how do I get these essential oils? 

 Contact me, come to a class at Altar or I can meet with you in person or online! 

 If you’re ready to dive in and want to be a part of my growing badass community, order oils here! 

  • Click ‘Join and Save’ then ‘Join doTERRA’ 
  • Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’ 
  • Add your chosen kit to the cart, or add the $35 registration fee and then add your items a la carte.
  • Check out! Your oils will be on their way to you! Within 24 hours I will email with further instructions!
  • Be sure to see my ID #5204181 when checking out. 

     Choosing a kit is the most intelligent way to get your oils. By choosing a kit, the $35 registration fee is waived and you will get a bundled savings in addition to the wholesale pricing on your first order! Easy!

    The most popular kit to join with is the Home Essentials Kit. It comes with the Top 10 oils plus a cute diffuser! There are 250 drops of oil in each 15 mL bottle that comes with this kit! These oils are so highly potent, pure essential oil, you are using 1-5 drops max. 

     Another popular option is The Family Solutions Kit, smaller than the Home Essentials Kit with the Top 10 oils in smaller 5 mL bottles, no diffuser. 80 drops per 5mL bottle. Awesome starter kit for single peeps or if you aren’t wanting to make as much of a financial commitment this is a great way to go! 

      The kit I wish I had joined with is the Natural Solutions Kit. I purchased all of these items in this kit my first month and would have received a bundled savings initially going with this option. I find this is true for most people. If you know you want to overhaul your health and home, this is the kit for you! 

      There are many more kits to choose from and if that all seems too overwhelming you can always pay the registration fee of $35 and choose your items a la carte. 

       Don’t forget to add a Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute your oils with to help them last longer. There are oils you can apply ‘neat’ to your skin and others you will need to use with a carrier oil like, Fractionated Coconut Oil. This is for your safety and also to help slower and longer lasting absorption into the body, maximizing your health benefit. 

      I’m here to help you save money, educate you on your oils and be an overall support. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments! 

In love and wellness!