Sacred Journey Sound Bath with Janelle Leonard and April Cornell.

The intention of this class is to set a Sacred Space where you can experience self-healing work. We'll create a ceremonial offering to assist you with multi-directional grounding in your body, calling in your helping spirits, prepare for Theta brainwave state, then relax into journeywork through the sound bath in order to cultivate a deeper resonance within yourself. Our journey theme is inspired by Halloween or Samhain, honoring our ancestors. We will welcome and receive blessings from them during the ceremony.

A Sound Bath is a ceremonial concert designed to provide an environment where energy that is no longer needed can be released, shifting the mind, body and spirit into a deeply relaxed state of being. Participants are bathed in powerful vibrations and binaural beats that help entrain their brain waves into Theta. In this deeply relaxed state dynamic healing can take place, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, cellular regeneration, stress release, and emotional/mental/physical healing.

Participants lay in a comfortable position on the floor (savasana), while April provides gentle grounding for each participant, helping to fine-tune the energies during the journey. Janelle plays the crystal and Tibetan bowls and Paiste gongs, accompanied by shamanic vocal toning. Many people have reported noticeable physical changes and often experience deep sleep afterward. 

Please bring anything that you may need to feel comfortable on the floor in silence for 90 minutes. Blankets, pillows, bolsters, yoga mats, etc. are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and please be hydrated.

This event will be held in an exclusive and intimate environment. Space is available to up to 15 people. Doors open at 7:10pm, event beings at 7:30. 

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